FCH European Banking Academy

FCH AG is the first knowledge and training provider to offer English-language specialist training courses for banks.

German and European supervisory law and its requirements for banks

European Banks have to comply with countless legal and regulatory requirements of the EBA and face major challenges when implementing them. Our practical training courses will equip you with the tools you need to make your banking processes compliant with regulatory requirements. Excellent speakers, e.g. from the supervisory authority, banks or law firms will explain to you in the training courses which legal guidelines you must observe and comply with and how you can best implement theme in banking practice. Exchange ideas with other bank colleagues and expand not only your knowledge, but also your network of contacts.

For all regulatory topics, we also design customized training courses for banks online, in person or, if desired, as in-house training. Please contact us if you would like an individual training course. In the future, we will also offer trainings in English according to your needs, analogous to our offer in German. We look forward to hearing from you!

Get in contact

Christina Schöning
Fach- Bereichsleiterin Banksteuerung, Recht & Stäbe, Head of FCH European Banking Academy

Tel: +49 6221 99898 0

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